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In Towering Redwoods, an Abundance of Tiny, Unseen Life Once a year, over a few weekends in March, an exception is made, allowing nonscientists to experience what it’s like at the top of a roughly 800-year-old redwood known as Grandfather, on private property near Los Gatos, Calif. The annual event is organized by Tim Kovar, founder of Tree Climbing Planet, who regularly arranges…

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I Will “Bark” One Day Too! – Shawn Link, TCP Grad 2015   My husband greeted me at the driveway, “How did the day … O.M.G.! What did you do today?” I knew why he responded that way. I wore that kind of smile that people give one another that communicates, “If you only knew…” My name is Shawn Link.…

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REDWOOD GUIDED CLIMBS – MARCH 2017 Redwood climbs offered in March 2017 Tree Climbing Planet and redwood researcher guide individuals into crown of 200-foot redwood in the Santa Cruz Mountains   LOS GATOS, Calif. – Those fortunate enough to spend time in California’s majestic old-growth redwood forests know the awe-inspiring appeal of being surrounded by the ancient giants, though few…

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Our students have a lot to say about our courses Testimonials   “Tim Kovar is one of the best tree-climbing instructors and guides on the planet.  He trained me and my children in tree climbing, introducing us to the wonders of trees and the forest canopy.  Tim is a gifted teacher, with a deep knowledge of tree-climbing techniques and broad…

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