Basic Tree Climbing Course

This is the Basic Tree Climbing Course taught to novice climbers worldwide.

This course teaches the skills needed to climb a large tree on your own using Doubled Rope Technique (DRT). Information about selecting a good climbing tree and detecting potential hazards is presented. You will learn how to tie climbing knots, repeating each knot many times to learn “muscle memory.”

You’ll learn safety rules, as well as how to respect and care for the trees you climb. There is ample time for practicing all of the skills you are learning. Upon class completion, you will receive two exams: a solo climbing exam, and a written exam covering course content.


Class Size – 4 participants per instructor

Duration – 2 days

Cost – $475

2018 Dates/Locations

April 14-15 / Nashville, Tenn.

April 23-24  / Omaha, Nebraska

July 23-24  / Portland, Oregon

Sept. 3-4 / Portland, Oregon (full)

Sept. 21-22 / Portland, Oregon

* email to schedule a private BTCC – (minimum 2 students) – tim(at)


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